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ADD:No.83, Xianyang Road, Nankai District,Tianjin

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Tianjin Yiyao Printing Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Tianjin Pharmaceutical Package Printing Factory) was established in 1958, which was renamed Tianjin Yiyao Printing Co., Ltd. in March 2004. The company has advanced printing production lines, being able to provide product design, digital proofing, plate making, printing, local UV polishing, die-cutting indentation and automatic boxing. With a long history and rich experience, it is a modernized printing enterprise which produces a wide range of printing paper products such as gold and silver cardboards, micro corrugated paper and PVC, PET and PP plastic sheet products. The products are of high grade, good quality and large varieties, which can meet the various personalized needs of customers for package printing products, enjoying a high reputation in the printing industry. It is the only pharmaceutical package printing company in North China. In addition, the company also has transport capacity and storage conditions to meet the needs of business partners, providing efficient, fast and convenient all-round services.

The company is located at No.83, Xianyang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin. It is located at the intersection of Xianyang Road and Changjiang Road. It covers an area of 13,712 square meters with a floor area of 13,193 square meters. The green area occupies 30% of the total area of the company. The architectural style represents the development trend of the times, highlighting the people-oriented design concept in a generous manner. The company has a two-story joint plant building, as well as the production and office areas. In addition to the joint plant, the company also has a three-story complex consisting of the sales company, the Yixuan design production center, the production department, the education and training center, staff restaurants and staff health and recreation center.

Company Profile