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Development Process

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Four major historical stages

The history of arduous pioneering (before 1979)

The predecessor of Tianjin Yiyao Printing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Pharmaceutical Package Printing Factory, was established in August 1958, when the factory had only 66 workers, 270 yuan in fixed assets, and an annual sales income of 140,000 yuan. The factory was located in a small courtyard at No. 198 on the Beima Road, which was then moved into the narrow alley in the Xianghubu Street in the old town. The workshops were old-fashioned cottages, and the production equipment was old and backward manual printing presses. In the poor conditions, and with the backward machinery, Yiyao Printing’s predecessor developed step by step with self-reliance, and an arduous pioneering spirit.

In the earthquake in 1976, the factory’s old-fashioned plants were destroyed by the earthquake. After the earthquake, workers of the factory plunged into the earthquake relief, to rebuild their home. They removed of the old factory buildings and seized the opportunity to build a new home on their own. With cadres taking the lead, and young workers working hard day and night with their selfless and dedicated spirit, they overcome unimaginable difficulties, allowing the factory to take a historical step forward. The young militia of the factory were awarded with the honorary title of advanced collective, who had made outstanding contributions in the defense and construction of the enterprise.


Endeavor to forge ahead (1979-1994)

After the old factory damaged by the earthquake was demolished, the factory entered the battle of constructing new plants. They began to construct buildings in the narrow alley, and the factory was moved to a small courtyard on Beima Road which was the initial site of the factory when it was first built, to continue with the production. At that time, both the factory production and the new plant construction were very difficult, but the workers of the factory carried forward the spirit of self-reliance, hard working, bravery and courage, forging ahead against all odds.

In 1979, after more than two years of arduous struggle, the new plant was finally built. A new four-story building was built at the original site of the factory in the Xianghubu Street in the old town. The production environment was completely improved, providing good conditions for the development of the company; at the same time, they began to update production equipment, and purchased Heidelberg presses. The company took an important step of development.


Major development through pioneering and innovation (1994-2004)

In 1994, the company began to introduce multi-color printing presses, and the printing production evolved from monochrome printing into multi-color printing; the production had a qualitative leap, and then they introduced Heidelberg’s four-color, five-color printing presses from Germany and Boste’s die-cutting machines and boxing machines from Switzerland. The company took an important step of development.

With the continuous development of the factory, the company acquired the Qianjin shoes factory opposite the factory to meet the growing needs of the enterprise; the die-cutting workshop, and the sales, production technology, and quality inspection departments were moved into the factory. In 2000, the enterprise carried out overall renovation. Both the internal production and office environments, and the plant appearance have taken on a new look.


A new milestone for business development

In the face of the needs of large-scale development of the enterprise, leaders made a wise decision, to invest in the construction of new plants. In October 2002, the construction of the new factory was started at the new site of No. 83, Xianyang Road, Nankai District. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the new factory was held on Nov. 18, 2002. The leaders of the Pharmaceutical Group and Zhongxin Pharmaceutical attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory. The factory workers cherished hope for the bright future of the enterprise.

In April 2004, the pharmaceutical package printing factory successfully completed the restructuring, and renamed the factory to Tianjin Yiyao Printing Co., Ltd. In August 2004, the new plant with a total investment of 40 million yuan was completed, becoming a beautiful landscape on Xianyang Road. On August 5, Yiyao Printing Factory moved to a new plant to achieve the dream of several generations of the company. The company also invested more than 40 million yuan to introduce the Heidelberg six-color printing presses from Germany, Boste’s die-cutting machines and boxing machines from Switzerland, creating a landmark in the history of business development

Development Process