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  Philosophy & Culture:
  The core of corporate culture: innovation and learning.
  Business Goal: to become a modern enterprise integrating production, scientific research, learning
  Corporate Spirit: to pursue challenging goals, and do what others cannot do.
  Corporate Values: create a first-class enterprise, cast an outstanding team.
  Corporate Philosophy: pursue excellence in everything we do.
  Management Philosophy: to regulate people with strict systems, inspire people with performance assessment, attract people through corporate culture
  Marketing Philosophy: to lead customer needs with innovative products, to win customer satisfaction through high-quality products and services.
  Production Philosophy: to maximize efficiency, and achieve zero defect quality.
  Quality Philosophy: Technology is the source of quality, responsibility is the guarantee of quality.
  The philosophy of market competition: relying on new equipment, new materials, new technologies, new processes, implementing the "Four New" strategy, give play to high-tech leading edge, create brands with special characteristics, and achieve differentiated competitions.
  Employment Philosophy: external introduction combined with internal education; select the ones that are most suitable for the company’s development.
 Training Philosophy: to create a high-quality staff team, cultivate outstanding professional managers.

  System Culture:
  The company has established a system with clear responsibilities, orderly management, smooth operation, standardized behavior, reasonable reward and punishment. In the enterprise rules and regulations from disciplinary constraints to employee’s ideological identity and then to the formation of conscious behavior habits of employees, the “system culture" has played a role of turning from regulating people to shaping people. The sound system not only ensures the smooth implementation of production and business activities, but also creates a high-quality staff team.

  Learning Culture:
  Learning is the only way to realize the updating and upgrading of knowledge. The enterprise has created a good learning environment and a strong learning atmosphere for employees, providing sufficient learning materials. They have formed a unique learning culture, strengthened the vitality of the enterprise, helping both employees and the enterprise to achieve common development, so that the overall quality of the staff will be fully upgraded and they will grow into interdisciplinary talents who are equipped with new ideas, strong technical capacities and who are adaptable to market competitions.

   Responsibility Culture:
  Responsibility is essential for our cause; it paves the way for development. The Company’s leaders pay great attention to responsibility, by emphasizing and advocating responsibility. The development of the enterprise is the pursuit of the cause; the development of the enterprise is the responsibility and mission. Under the influence the "culture of responsibility", we have created the business philosophy of "pursue excellence in everything we do". Our employees always adhere to high standards and strict requirements, reflecting the "detail-oriented, the pursuit of perfection" which is our code of conduct. We strive to be meticulous and careful in our job, and pursue excellence in everything we do.

  Career Culture:
  Career culture is embodied in every work in the enterprise, and in the work attitude and behavior of employees. The career oriented culture means that we regard our job as a career, and we do it meticulously, wholehearted, pursue perfection in everything we do. It indicates that we must provide customers with high-quality products and quality service with a strong sense of the market, to comply with professional ethics, strengthen professional skills and improve the quality and the ability for fulfilling their duties; we pursue high-tech, fine management, the implementation of differentiation competition, to produce products that cannot be replaced by competitors; we seek reform and innovation, and form a visible, tangible, but uncopiable management model, and build the corporate brand; The career oriented culture is embodied everywhere.

    Communication culture:
  A good communication culture is a bridge between managers and team members, which allows the views and suggestions of the staff to be delivered in a timely manner. Every good idea of the company will be informed to every employee, and every good method will be implemented by every employee. It can set up a more harmonious and more lasting cooperation relationships among team members. Through communication, employees can better understand the enterprise, care about the enterprise, resonate with the enterprise, and share one mind and one heart with the enterprise, thus enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise, creating a harmonious atmosphere with "righteousness, solidarity, satisfaction and vitality".

  Care Culture:
  The company regards the interests of employees above all else, puts the realization, safeguarding and developing of the fundamental interests of the staff in the first place, and is totally concerned about the safety of employees. We adhere to the principle of sharing the enterprise’s development achievements with employees, caring for employees sincerely, and protecting their interests. Our care for employees is embodied in the "Birthday Culture", "Lantern Festival Culture", "Mid-Autumn Festival Culture", "New Year Culture" and other forms. We have created a deep and rich "culture of care”, created a warm family atmosphere, enhanced the team cohesion, and promoted the harmonious development of the enterprise.

  Innovation culture:
  Corporate innovation is the innovation of thoughts, management, marketing, and is embodied in the upgrade of ideas, the system breakthroughs, the management promotion, the science and technology development, and the market development. It is the main source of maintaining the long-term competitive advantages. In order to adapt to the needs of market competition, the company has been making new innovations based on the old ones in all aspects, caring to carry out "unprecedented" trials and explorations, having formed inherent competitive advantages different from others. The "Innovative culture" has promoted the enterprise to grow from small to large, from weak to strong, having developed into a leader in the printing industry recognized by the trade.