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Yifei Printing held 2019 comprehensive knowledge contest


Yifei Printing held 2019 comprehensive knowledge contest

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In order to better carry out the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission”, the company’s security month activities will be better penetrated into the grassroots. The company specializes in the "2019 Comprehensive Knowledge Competition".

The contestants were from the company's workshops and departments, and a total of 5 teams participated. The competition is divided into four parts: the required questions, the answer questions, the risk questions and the talent show. In order to enhance the fun of the event and increase the enthusiasm of the employees, a small game was set up before each answering session. During the game, the teams of the teams worked together and worked hard to make the best efforts for the team. During the answering process, everyone replied enthusiastically and strived for the upper reaches. In the final talent show, the hidden players showed themselves different from the work in the weekdays, and the applause of the scene was higher than a while. Everyone's strength is indistinguishable. After the play-off, the No. 1 team won the first prize. The launch of this activity has further guided the employees in the future work, guided by Xi Jinping's theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and continuously practiced in accordance with the actual work. Through the steps of learning, thinking and doing, they have actually improved their political level. The level of work has injected new vitality into the company's fast and good development!