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Tianjin quality inspection team to visit our company site visits


Tianjin quality inspection team to visit our company site visits

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According to the "on the 2015-2016 annual government work quality assessment on-site inspection of the notice" (Tianjin Quality Organization [2016] 11) requirements, September 20 to 27, the State Council assessment team will conduct quality assessment of related enterprises on-site assessment. In order to make preparations to meet the assessment, September 20, 2016, Nankai District, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of the State Council assessment team assigned to the field of Tianjin Quality Inspection team leader 13 people visit our site visits, Shen Chairman, Management, sales, general manager of the Office of the person in charge and related personnel to accompany the visit. 

In the company, accompanied by Mr. Shen, according to our production process, the inspection team respectively inspected the spray code, printing, die-cutting, paste box section site, workshop workers full of enthusiasm, advanced equipment and instruments, Finished product placement and clean workshop environment has been highly recognized and praised by the inspection team. During the inspection, Chairman Shen introduced the history background, current situation, production characteristics and technological process of our company. The quality management system of our company was introduced, including the key process quality control points of production process control, the standard light source inspection station Introduced the electronic certification system introduced by our company (the first detection system), to avoid the printing errors and defects; introduced the various sections of the online detection devices, such as the code section of the electronic monitoring code online detection system, Of the Eagle Eye online detection device, paste box section of the amount of live glue on-line test device, etc., aroused strong interest in the verification group. In addition, during the inspection process, the verification team leader asked the production site quality control, Shen stressed that anti-blending management is a major highlight of the pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, including the production site of the machine partition management, product stack bit identification The use of cards, version control management Die cut control characters and identity management are an integral part of anti-blending management, but also fundamentally eliminate the possibility of mixing different products and unqualified products.

After the field inspection, the inspection team and his party came to the sales department, on-site audit summary. On the one hand that our perfect production site quality control system a high degree of recognition for the company to pull the Nankai District and Tianjin economic growth and environmental management work done by the outstanding contribution to express gratitude, on the other hand for the company's future development Higher requirements and ardent expectations, I hope Secretary to continue to flourish and create greater success.