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Ipsen and his party to visit the Division I learning management experience exchange


Ipsen and his party to visit the Division I learning management experience exchange

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On the morning of December 18, 2015, Mr. Guo, the general manager of Yipusheng Pharmaceutical Company, came to visit our company. Mr. Zheng, the general manager, production technology department, equipment management department and quality management department visited the company. Ipsen and his party first came to the sales company in the showcase before I understand the types of packaging company, in particular the contour box design and production. In the plate room to understand the CTP plate-making process, into the printing, die-cutting, paste box workshop visited the workshop site, orderly items placed and clean production environment has won the praise of customers. Came to the workshop billboards, Zheng, general manager of the visitors to focus on my company's "Kanban management" This feature, the expression of our production management philosophy, attracted strong interest in the visitors. In the electronic monitoring code Coding equipment, Zheng, general manager of the Division I also introduced to our another feature - electronic monitoring code products, in particular the advanced Coding equipment to bring high efficiency and high quality, so that our products In the same industry market come to the fore. During the visit, Mr. Zheng introduced the production process of our products and our process control of product quality. The management concept of our company was standardized and meticulously presented, which was highly appreciated by the visitors.

In recent years, the Division I with strict management and excellent product quality in the industry and customers have won a good reputation, continuously improve the visibility and attract more and more attention. The face of customers, we are both show, but also exchange, in the exchange process so that we understand more, more of the goods, prompting us to further improve their management, and constantly explore more scientific management methods so that our business development On a new level.