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The first printing skills contest contest ended


The first printing skills contest contest ended

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August 22, 2016, the first printing technology competition contest in the crowd's expectations in the curtain opened. Production scheduling, printing workshop director, director, quality management department, semi-finished product inspection, plant inspection, the machine, the production line of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, The captain of the station and the support staff. Chairman Shen fully deployed the competition schedule, read out the scoring criteria, emphasized the matters needing attention of the contestants, as well as the grading of the judges. At the same time, cheering for the players cheer, inspired momentum. The competition jury members: Li Hongbin, Xu beard, Yan Jun, Yu Haiping, Li Ying, Lan Ru Xian, Xu Zhiyu; referee by the Department of production technology as foreign.

After the mobilization of the General Assembly, the crew members ready to go, under the leadership of the captain, into the preparatory stage of the game, machine maintenance, group discussion countermeasures, preset ink area, nervous and orderly. The tournament starts at 9:30 am in the following order: CD6 (Zhang Xuewei), CD5 (Li Qiang), CD6 (You Jun), Gao Bao 1 (Liu Lei), Gao Bao 2 Group (Wang Tao unit). Competition requires crew members to complete the company in 30 minutes to design new high-difficulty job for the first time 1000 printing, which is undoubtedly a real test for each unit. Assessment criteria related to operational use, the captain and supporting the actual operation, the division of responsibilities, sign-like (visual, density), finished four. The competition mainly includes on the version, looking for rules, registering, taking the sample to determine the density value, adjusting the ink flow to complete the process of finding the color, while still in the process of printing live ink flow adjustment, determination of density, with a view to improve the job indicators . Competition in progress, timekeepers continue to remind crew members race time, the judges on-site performance according to the participants to record. Competition climax after another, the crew members from time to time to wipe his face sweat, revealed the tension and busy green, but also highlights the importance of the first competition. In the joint efforts of the crew members, 5 teams are completed within the specified time competition.

After the completion of the competition, Chairman Shen led the judges to comment, encourage and commend the performance of the crews, and put forward the corresponding improvement methods for the exposed problems and put forward the suggestions for the follow-up work. higher requirement. For example, the process of competition, some crew members are not clear division of labor, there is the captain busy, auxiliary personnel standing wait and see phenomenon, which requires the captain in the future to strengthen the support staff training and guidance, daily work should co-ordinate arrangements Each crew member of the division of responsibilities; the same time, as an auxiliary personnel, should effectively fulfill their job responsibility system to strengthen the theoretical and technical knowledge of learning and practice, to qualify as a pilot assistant; also a certain emergency situation in the game , Such as sudden machine failure, printing materials, etc., which requires the captain to continuously improve their ability to deal with emergencies in the face of accidents and difficulties, do not panic, calm thinking, and strive to find ways to solve the problem, etc.

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