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Our electronic monitoring code equipment officially put into use


Our electronic monitoring code equipment officially put into use

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In order to meet the pharmaceutical companies will soon launch the electronic monitoring code project, our company after extensive research, costing more than 500 million to introduce electronic monitoring code equipment, the set of electronic monitoring code device by Dragan paper platform and Kodak nozzle composition. Drucken's paper-feeding platform for the stability of the production rate of 80 meters per minute or so, using the length and width are 1040mm printing press feeder, with non-stop on the paper device, with my company's automatic unloader, Effectively improve production efficiency. The platform is equipped with a touch-sensitive LCD display console, which enables efficient setup and operation of the device. And in the original infrared drying and hot air drying unit in addition to a group of infrared drying and hot air drying unit, in order to achieve rapid bar code drying, improve production efficiency. The platform has an automatic detection device that can automatically reject the defective product, in the case of non-stop production to protect product quality.In addition, the device also has a paper reducer device to improve the stability of the delivery of paper to ensure high-speed production conditions of product quality. Kodak's inkjet system has a maximum production speed of 150 meters per minute, so the inkjet system can be perfectly integrated with the Dragan paper feeding platform. Secondly, the ink-jet system uses the permeability of water-based ink, after drying has good resistance to friction, to ensure the stability of the quality of printing. In addition, the quality of the jet printing system is not affected by the production speed, at any production speed, the printing quality can be maintained stable and in line with national standards. The pre-installation and commissioning work in an orderly, under the close attention of the company leaders, the joint efforts of the various functional departments, the electronic monitoring code equipment has been commissioned, is now officially put into use, its operation even more powerful, will for us Good customer to provide strong technical support and equipment protection. We will unswervingly pursue excellence in product quality, vividly to play the advantages of electronic monitoring code equipment, and jointly create a brilliant company tomorrow.