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Our company held the electronic supervision code promotion meeting


Our company held the electronic supervision code promotion meeting

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January 9, the company held the 2011 Spring business and electronic monitoring code promotion. In strengthening the contact with customers at the same time, customers are most concerned about the electronic monitoring of the relevant information and the implementation of the process may be some operational problems were introduced. May 2010, the State Drug Administration issued a "do a good job on all varieties of essential drugs electronic regulatory work notice," clearly require the production of essential drugs varieties of successful enterprises should be in March 31, 2011 to join the electronic drug regulatory network , In drug packaging to add drug regulatory code. In order to further serve customers, our company through extensive research, the introduction of electronic monitoring code equipment. Promotion last week, general manager of the company on my electronic monitoring equipment, the introduction of the process and equipment related to performance and other aspects of a detailed description.At the same time, we have prepared a detailed electronic custody code for each participant. The company also specifically invited to the Vice Chairman of the Group of Leopard Chi Yang Xiaoming, the electronic regulatory code before the copy and transfer of data, the printing process of monitoring data and India after the data extraction, testing and other aspects of a detailed explanation, Participants actively involved, enthusiastic questions, Mr. Yang Xiaoming also asked the questions raised by customers a detailed answer. The promotion will receive a good effect. Customers generally said that we have built a very good platform for customers to enable them to deepen the understanding of the electronic monitoring code for future work to provide a great help, and I organized the promotion will be very high Evaluation and expressed gratitude.