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Heart of the retired workers to spend nine ninety-nine Chung Yeung


Heart of the retired workers to spend nine ninety-nine Chung Yeung

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Company leaders have always advocated the building of a harmonious enterprise, adhere to the people-oriented, always linked to the well-being of the safety of staff in mind. October 26, 2009, coincided with the "Double Ninth Festival" day, in order to those who have for the development of Yiwu Yinwugong paid to pay hard sweat and hardships of the old staff condolences and gratitude, the company invited all retired and retired Workers to take a sightseeing tour of the Haihe River, visit the Italian style Street, with the great changes in Tianjin feel. Then, we organized a grand networking dinner, Zhou gave the general manager of the fraternity speech, and details about the company's current development momentum and the bright future bright prospects for development. We gathered together to spend a good time, cheerful and harmonious atmosphere. During the meeting, the company led the general manager of the leadership of all members of the leadership team personally to the old staff toast, he was greeted with warm, concerned about the physical condition of older employees and living conditions. In the face of the deep love of the leadership, the old workers deeply moved, deeply felt the enterprise "big family" warmth and truth, expressed deep gratitude to the enterprise, at the same time wish the enterprise continue to take off the development, more prosperous!