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Our company passed the BSI system review


Our company passed the BSI system review

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Recently, the British Royal Standard Institute BSI certification company staff of the company conducted a two-day ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 environmental system review, the final company successfully passed the review of the system. At the same time we successfully spent 3 years of review cycle, ISO9001 international quality system has been upgraded to the latest version of the 2008 standard. BSI certified personnel to our production functions of various departments to conduct a rigorous review, spoke highly of, they agreed that: our management system is complete and well-functioning, reflecting the leadership of the company's attention and support; advanced equipment is in place, The enterprise's sustainable development has laid a good foundation; staff work is very serious and responsible, the record integrity; business site environment clean and tidy, meet the system requirements, through the review. BSI review the smooth adoption of the company that the work of standardization and standardization, in line with international management system requirements for the company to further explore the market to provide a solid guarantee.