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My company successfully held company 50th anniversary celebrations


My company successfully held company 50th anniversary celebrations

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Tianjin appropriate medicine printing Co., LTD, formerly known as tianjin drug packaging printing, the company was founded in 1958, already developed now become can produce high quality fine paper packaging products and plastic, WeiWa, gold and silver version card and so on the new individualization packaging products, integrates pre-press design, printing, die cutting and pasting box in an integrated printing production enterprise, has the domestic and foreign dozens of strength of the commercial partners, to enjoy high reputation in the industry. Nowadays, appropriate medicine printing have now turned 50 years old birthday. October 5, 2008, appropriate medicine printing company in beaming atmosphere pulled open company 50th anniversary celebration curtain. Celebration is divided into group photograph, civic, performances and fellowship dinner three content. Group company deputy general manager and I'm the chairman of the company, and the board of directors and the board of supervisors members were invited to this activity. It is superior leadership and your partner's vigorously support and my company leaders in business development strategy, the correct decision on to make appropriate medicine printing after 50 years vicissitudes of life fluctuates, big, from weak to strong, only by a fixed assets for 270 yuan's mill enterprise become now has 135 million yuan of total assets of enterprises, modern scale in the fierce competition in the market to survive and have been developed, made brilliant achievements of today. Finally, celebrations in joy and cheerful atmosphere picture a perfect end