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Heidelberg's new Omnifire 1000 digital printing system is targeted at custom-built, proprietary printing markets


Heidelberg's new Omnifire 1000 digital printing system is targeted at custom-built, proprietary printing markets

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Suitcases, motorcycle helmets, surfboards and luggage If there are well-customized special patterns, that effect is how different! - To know that there are new technical support to be so proud! In November 15 to 17 at the InPrint 2016 held in Milan, Heidelberg and a series of well-known brand manufacturers to display these custom products. do you know? Because the custom and one step ahead, is becoming a high-end brand to enhance the attractiveness and increase profitability of the new business model.

Thanks to the Heidelberg 4D printing technology and the new Omnifire 1000 digital press that can be custom printed on 3D shapes of any shape and material. The model was first introduced by Heidelberg in the InPrint 2016 printing exhibition, which greatly increased the range of printable objects and surfaces. This new development complements the already popular Omnifire 250 series, enabling users to turn complex, individualized concepts into reality while at the same time taking into account superior productivity.span>

The Heidelberg Omnifire 1000 is designed to cost-effectively and flexibly customize high-quality printing on any shape and material object. This creates a compelling business model for branded product manufacturers and industrial companies that focuses on personalized customer service.

“We are demonstrating the future of customization. Today 's consumers prefer a unique personalized product. Therefore, manufacturers need efficient and flexible industrial production processes. This is exactly what Heidelberg's Omnifire 250 and 1000 digital printing systems can achieve with 4D technology, "says Jason Oliver, head of digital printing at Heidelberg.

Ritzi, the automotive supplier, became the first pilot of the Heidelberg Omnifire 1000, with Frank Janssen of Heidelberger AG (left and Markus Ritzi of Ritzi, right).

German automotive supplier Ritzi Motor Company is the first trial of the Heidelberg Omnifire 1000, and they are very impressed with the performance of the press. Ritzi specializes in the production of high quality automotive components, such as trim strips, switches, dashboards and other finished components, that are engineered for innovative surface finishes. To this end, the company uses different methods and techniques. Ritzi is planning to integrate the Omnifire 1000 into its own industrial production process, custom printing, and then through a variety of color patterns to enhance the series of spare parts and aftermarket parts. The first specific project of the car manufacturer is already in place.

“Our customers need cost-effective, custom-tailored accessories for the cockpit from quality, flexibility and cost. It took us a long time to find a solution that could help us meet that need. We eventually found Heidelberg to be the ideal partner to offer attractive and innovative technology packages and related services through the Omnifire 1000, "said Gülün Ritzi, General Manager of Ritzi.。

Heidelberg drives digital development and further diversifies its digital printing portfolio

With the introduction of the Omnifire 1000, Heidelberg is implementing its previously announced digital business strategy and expanding its product portfolio. Heidelberg has digital and digital printing industry as 2016 Drupa exhibition focus on the work, and live demonstration of the smart printing (Smart Print Shop). By demonstrating the Heidelberg Primefire 106, the company demonstrated the first digital printing system. This is the result of a close collaboration with Fujifilm, the company's development partner, which enables custom processing of 70x100 format print jobs

“The digitization of the printing industry and the enhancement of digital printing is the general trend, but also to promote our industry forward development of the main driving factors. In response to this trend, we have systematically adjusted our strategy and accelerated our digitization so that our customers can succeed in the future market, "commented Stephan Plenz, board member of Heidelberg and head of equipment department.