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European corrugated box factory Why do the better?


European corrugated box factory Why do the better?

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Brausse Europe is also an important distributor of Asahi in Europe, Brausse Europe has a strong sales and after-sales network. As a well-known European postpress packaging equipment and solutions provider, Brausse Europe is also an important agent in Europe. Recently, Brausse Europe in its headquarters in the Netherlands held a massive open-day movement, open on the day, highlighting the BRAUSSE 1060ER full automatic flattening die-cutting machine, BRAUSSE 1050FCi fully automatic flat pressure bronzing Machine and BRAUSSE1100-C6 full automatic folder gluer.

In addition, for domestic customers is extremely interested in the topic, especially in Europe, what is the paper packaging business in the attention. Recently visited its headquarters in the Netherlands and explored the following topics with General Manager Mr. Vincent Van Der Heijden.

What is the important use of packaging at present?

Packaging is the most common role of the product packaging, easy to transport. For example, we provide complete packaging for mobile phone products and handicrafts, and the beautiful carton boxes are the most common packaging cases. At present, we are also very concerned about the use of materials such as the cycle of the exercise of environmental issues, such as collection, re-exercise and other measures. Of course, as a packaging manufacturer, the extensive use of cardboard, corrugated paper is inevitable.

What aspects of a new device are the focus of our attention?

For the development of new equipment brand planning, we consider three important aspects, first: new technologies, the second: energy saving, third: more efficient production model. The new technology is expected to greatly reduce the time for the version, the progress of replacement of obedience, making the day to complete more short-order orders; new electrical system also greatly saves energy use while improving production compliance; new process technology can Fully reduce paper loss, reduce costs.

What are the important steps in the European boxing process today?

At present the production of color box packaging covers two important steps. The first step on the cardboard and corrugated printing and decorative appearance of the process. The die-cutting of the carton as an example: the first 4-color printing industry, polishing, can also be carried out in accordance with customer requirements for more color printing. And then in the appearance of the carton gold and silver foil, according to the customer's need for 5-20 areas of gold foil, of course, also consider the die-cut layout size. Finally, die-cutting. A piece of paper can be cut into a number of products according to imposition die; the second step of the die-cut products for paste box, and ultimately become cartons. You see this box for candy, chocolate, tobacco and other products of the packaging necessary.

Advice to equipment manufacturers and printers

I think for the majority of equipment manufacturers and printing, we not only need to think about how to more effectively shorten the production process of search engine optimization, more processes in the shortest possible time to achieve; but also worth thinking about how to reduce production more useful Paper loss during the process.