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Digital printing: the product is king after the channel


Digital printing: the product is king after the channel

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From what I have to what you use to; you need what I launch the concept of what changes.

With the rapid expansion of mobile Internet, and fully penetrate into all areas of people's lives. The market structure change is the general trend, in the transformation process, will inevitably produce business model and revenue structure changes.

To the Beijing Ya-chang's high-end products produced by micro-jet series and Chongqing flowers produced by the red scarves series of products as a representative of the political, historical, collection and ornamental products, Nanjing Southeast culture produced "work calendar" , Nantong celebrities produced high-end business cards, Chongqing Mijia graphic produced by the extended calendar, Chongqing Baihua produced by Huibao PUR machine binding magazine as a representative of the marketing, practical, ornamental, personalized violence Single product, has let us see the future direction of digital products - mdash; product as a work of art to do.

It is these products in the industry and end customers to form their own core competitiveness, the resulting user experience, word of mouth, repeat consumption to help enterprises increase production and expand market share, through this rapid development Mode gradually improve the product structure, channel construction, mode of transmission, operating system and a series of issues, and ultimately highlights the overall business value of the enterprise.

From the so-called "fans who have the world", we can see that the Internet is selling a sense of user participation. Printing enterprises from the "I have what you use" to "what do you need me to introduce what" product concept change. Allowing users to more and more involved in product operations, with the user efficient, personalized, precise interaction, that users need what kind of products and what kind of service, and ultimately enable enterprises to strategy, organization, business around the user Comprehensive recycling.

In summary, a good digital printing products must have the following characteristics: personalized, extensive, repurchase, high margin, service, easy to spread, high-speed, ornamental, collection, practicality, interactivity .

Channel articles

Channel "core" is the product and platform, the key is as a core competency of the sales ability of products in the channel and end customers in full swing.

With the mobile Internet boom and the new economy, the introduction of new models and the influx of high-quality personalized prints, the traditional graphic shop will be an unprecedented impact, around the digital printing production and processing center to increase production will increase in the channel construction Such as DIY design system, order management system, new product research and development, business model perfect, the use of local small and medium-sized graphic shop, advertising companies, printing resources consignment digital printing products.

Small and medium-sized graphic shop in order to survive and develop the need to seize the last mile market, fundamentally change the mode of operation from the original simple typing copy function into focus on selling all types of digital printing products and provide supporting service model.

From the product structure, from the traditional tender and other products into a single personalized printing products to provide high-end digital printing enterprises.