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Market Situation of Transparent CPP Film


Market Situation of Transparent CPP Film

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Polypropylene film according to the system, performance and different uses can be divided into cast polypropylene (CPP) film, inflatable polypropylene (IPP) film and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film three. PP film accounts for 20% of the world's total consumption of PP, is second only to injection molding, fiber (including flat wire) the third largest application of PP film share of PP consumption structure is relatively low, only about 10%. CPP film has good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, excellent heat resistance, easy to heat sealing and other characteristics, and its resistance to packaging and packaging machinery than the applicability of polyethylene film, so in packaging CPP film after printing, bag, for food, stationery, groceries and textiles and other materials packaging, can also be used with other composite film, generally used as a composite film of the inner and outer layers of material.

CPP film variety, there are generally single-layer film, composite film, low temperature heat sealing film, ultra-low temperature heat sealing film, low temperature impact film, antistatic film, high temperature cooking film, general cooking film, metal film, bread packaging film, vegetables A packaging film, a fiber packaging film, a container composite film, a longitudinal tear film, and the like.

CPP film to composite film and cooking and packaging as the main market, Japan CPP composite membrane with the total amount of 50%. As the CPP film heat resistance, cooking and packaging is to play its expertise in the field, the application of these two areas is also a fast-growing market. Composite film is mainly used for food packaging, demand growth is also fast, rather than food packaging growth is relatively slow.

As the development of packaging to the sub-package, small bags, personal packaging, convenience and preservation of sound development, is conducive to the development of CPP film applications. The metal vapor deposited film of oxygen, moisture, good UV partition, with the growth of barrier packaging growth, and metal vapor deposition PET film, the overall performance is poor, but cheap, suitable for small packaging. Metal-evaporated film applications showed steady and moderate growth in the processing of food, small products, animal products, and processed foods, while bread, fiber packaging, and specification bag applications showed negative growth. CPP film from the single-layer film to the composite film direction, and LLDPE together to become the main material of the heat sealing film, CPP in heat resistance, stiffness, moisture resistance than LLDPE, but the high melting point of low-temperature sealing and poor resistance The impact of poor performance and other shortcomings, the need to develop high-quality modified CPP resin and co-extrusion technology to solve.

CPP film development challenges and competition of other materials, the prospect can not be very optimistic, such as the successful development of heat-resistant LLDPE grades and metallocene catalyst (single activity center) production of LLDPE grades, different performance, but also very good to meet User requirements.