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Minutes of the Second Meeting of the Fifth Council of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association


Minutes of the Second Meeting of the Fifth Council of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

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July 14, 2005, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association Fifth Council of the second meeting in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, Jin Pin Hotel was held. The meeting was presided over by Cai Hong, vice president and secretary general of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association. Vice President Feng Guoping, State Administration for Industry and Commerce Market Inspector Zhang Jing, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Food and Drug Administration Luo Xiangbin to the meeting and speech, vice president of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association Ji Wei, Liang Zujiang also attended the meeting.

The meeting was first made by the Vice President Feng Guoping China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, the fifth session of the Council of the work of the second report, the report on the current session of the Council set up a year, the study and implementation of the State Food and Drug Administration Decree No. 13 " Direct contact with drugs packaging materials and containers management approach "; improve their own building, establish a leading position in the industry, the two major themes carried out by the work carried out a report. The report also highlights the association over the past year in the implementation of the State Food and Drug Administration out of natural rubber plug in the work done, as well as the association name of the preparatory work, the development of standards associations.

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce Market Inspector Zhang Jing inspector for everyone to do the "new role of the Association" report. In his report, he said that China's market economy system, there are structural defects, the role of the Association did not give full play. Under the framework of a market economy should be three-way, by the government, enterprises, industry organizations together. The association should control its own market by establishing rules and regulations, so that enterprises in the trade dispute and competition for international markets in order to benefit. According to the standard, he talked about the standards of foreign-based associations, supplemented by government standards, update soon, to timely guidance of domestic production, the development of foreign goods to enter the domestic standards, with advanced. And now the national standards are relatively old, China's trade associations in the past did not set standards for the rights and opportunities, the national standard can not keep up with the development of the times, so many companies passively accept the outdated standards.China's technical standards must be open to China's trade associations, as soon as possible to the pharmaceutical packaging product standards update, we still need the trust and authority. Then, through the case vividly explained the industry associations in the market competition in the market, for the normal and orderly development of the industry play a role. The trade association shall serve the enterprises for the members, and shall be the comrades and partners of the government in the process of market economy construction. Not just government aides. The advantage of industry associations is that they can do things that governments and enterprises can not do. Finally, he from the enterprise, industry development perspective for the majority of the governing units of the current experience of the intellectual property, supply and demand coordination problems.